Favorite Performances: the Soulfighters Edition 

Jaejoong: “MAZE” from JYJ’s Thanksgiving Live at the Dome♡ 
Changmin: “Rusty Nail” from Tone Tour (the original video was taken down) 

Both are live at Tokyo Dome; “MAZE” is Jaejoong’s solo stage while “Rusty Nail” is Changmin’s solo. I’d like to thank the cameramen at these performances for doing a fantastic job, bless your souls.

Combining these two performances into one gifset to celebrate making 400 followers because let’s be real, I’m surprised I even made it to the double digits. To all of my followers, you are the most amazing group of people ever!! I really hope that I get to know all of you better than I do now. And to anyone else that’s reading this…enjoy the gifset♥